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Get Help for Your Breathing Disorder

Sleep-disordered breathing is a fairly common health issue for adults, and disorders in this category, like sleep apnea, negatively impact breathing as a person sleeps. Disordered breathing can lead to whole-body health conditions as time passes, which may include chronic fatigue, difficulty focusing, headaches and migraines, earaches, ADHD, allergies, and more. As such, many people who find that they’re suffering from sleep-disordered breathing seek to not only improve their condition, but discover the root cause of their breathing issues.

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Causes of Sleep-Disordered

Much of the time, sleep-disordered breathing conditions like sleep apnea have a lot to do with craniofacial development (the way that the bones in the head and face develop). When the facial bones have not developed properly, the palate is too small, and/or the jaw does not rest properly during sleep, the airway becomes blocked. To remedy the situation, many people suffering from sleep apnea use a mandibular advancement device (MAD) to keep the jaw in place and open the airway during sleep. However, these devices only serve one function, to combat breathing difficulties, rather than treating the cause of them. The Washington Airway & Wellness Center, on the other hand, utilizes VIVOS® technology to re-develop our patients’ jaws by implementing the use of removable oral devices that actually stimulate jaw growth. By growing and changing the structure of the jaw, our office seeks to reshape the airway to ensure that air intake is optimal. This treatment is applicable to both developing children and fully-grown adults.

VIVOS® Technology

VIVOS® technology is far more than an ordinary MAD device, being that it aims to change the way the jaw and airway are naturally structured. VIVOS® technology is dynamic and may result in permanent, positive changes that improve the way the airway functions.

While MAD devices help to straighten the jaw and open the airway during sleep, the results are only applicable when the device is being worn. VIVOS® technology, however, seeks to change the shape of the jaw so that the airway operates in a healthy manner even when the device is not in the mouth.

If you know or suspect that you have sleep-disordered breathing conditions and you’d like to treat the issue in a safe, holistic, effective manner, please contact us at the Washington Airway & Wellness Center either on our website or at 202-463-2090.

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