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Straight Smile With Discreet Help From Invisalign

It’s no secret that everyone wants a perfectly straight smile. However, not everyone wants to endure wearing sharp metal braces for years to achieve their ideal smile. This is especially true for adults who would feel embarrassed about wearing metal braces. Fortunately, there’s an alternative treatment that offers discreet tooth straightening with other added benefits. Phillips, Cooper & Associates are proud to be a preferred provider for Invisalign, clear aligners for our patients in the Metropolitan area to help them achieve their desired straight smile.

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to gradually move teeth into a new position. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign offers a nearly invisible treatment free of sharp wires and brackets. Patients also have the liberty to remove their aligners to brush their teeth or eat anything they want. Most patients prefer Invisalign to traditional orthodontics for their flexibility and enhanced comfort. Patients wear a set of aligners for two weeks at a time before moving on to a new set. After six months to 2 years, they will accomplish their desired straight teeth.

Invisalign can help most patients straighten their teeth. Generally, it can treat mild to moderate cases and address problems including gaps, crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are countless benefits you can experience when you choose Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Phillips, Cooper & Associates have many years of experience helping patients bring their dream smiles to life. As a restorative dentist, we are ready to help you decide if Invisalign is right for you. At our office, you’ll receive individualized, high-tech, and friendly care. Our team will help you discover a newfound confidence in your health and smile. You can book an appointment online or by giving us a call at 202-463-2090. You can look forward to the following benefits.


Since Invisalign doesn’t use wires or brackets, patients find them incredibly comfortable to wear. You won’t experience cuts or sores in your mouth like you would with braces or debilitating pain following a tightening appointment. You may only feel slight discomfort when moving from one set of aligners to the next.


If you don’t want to wear a mouth of metal, Invisalign is perfect. The clear aligners are nearly invisible so nobody will even know you’re wearing them. You can keep your orthodontic treatment a secret until your teeth magically look perfect! Invisalign’s discreetness makes this the perfect treatment for teens and adults who want to maintain optimal confidence throughout their treatment.

Less Time at the Dentist

Since your dentist doesn’t have to tighten wires or change out bands, your visits with us are quick. Every six weeks, you will visit us for a quick evaluation to ensure your treatment is moving along correctly.

Fast Results

Since you switch your aligners every two weeks, your teeth move much faster than with traditional braces where you get wires tightened every six weeks. This allows you to complete your treatment much faster.


Eating and brushing and flossing your teeth with Invisalign is a breeze. Simply remove your aligners and eat whatever you want. You never have to worry about brushing around brackets or flossing in-between wires.

Invisalign Using Propel

Propel has the brand name for two types of methods for moving teeth under the influence of Invisalign aligners in a faster more efficient manner. As a matter of background information, teeth moving through bone is an extremely complex biological phenomenon. To the casual observer, tooth movement looks pretty straightforward. You push on the tooth and it moves through the bone to a new place until you stop pushing – just like if you push on your kitchen table and it moves across the kitchen floor until you stop pushing. Relative to orthodontics though, it would be a better analogy if you tried to push your kitchen table through the wall, have the wall open up casually, and then reform behind it with no sign of the intrusion. That is not going to happen, but bone, and the periodontal ligament that surrounds the tooth, essentially, allow a tooth to do just that.

There are two types of Propel techniques. The one we use is a non-surgical device, essentially an electronic vibrating device used 5-10 minutes a day that stimulates cellular activity and functions to more intimately seat the Invisalign aligners onto the teeth for a more accurate fit resulting in reduced treatment time via increased activation of their moving function.

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