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Get Relief From TMJ Pain and Discomfort

TMJ dysfunction, also called temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is a condition that affects the movement of the jaw. TMJ disorder targets the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. Those who suffer from TMJ dysfunction often experience pain and discomfort in the jaw joint and ears. They may even have difficulty chewing and speaking. Phillips, Cooper & Associates provides TMJ treatment in Washington, DC. Our dental team can help you manage the TMJ dysfunction symptoms that you experience and help you find relief from the pain and discomfort that it causes. If you think you might suffer from TMJ dysfunction or you have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, do not hesitate to call our office and make an appointment with our experts.

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What Are the Symptoms of TMJ?

TMJ dysfunction affects between 5% and 12% of the US population. Studies show that this disorder is more prevalent among younger people. Symptoms of TMJ dysfunction can vary in severity from person to person, and they may come and go over time. Some of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Tenderness or pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles
  • Clicking or popping sounds when opening/closing the mouth
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Headaches, earaches, and neck pain
  • Facial pain or fatigue
  • Difficulty chewing, biting, or talking
  • Changes in your tooth bite

Expert TMJ Treatments at Our Dental Office

When you come to our office for TMJ dysfunction treatment, our dental team will work with you to come up with a plan that will help relieve you of your symptoms. At our office, we provide a variety of different treatment options. Depending on the level of severity of your condition, we will determine which solution is best for you. Some of the treatment options that we may consider for your situation include:

Oral Appliances

Our dental professionals may recommend that you wear an oral appliance such as a mouthguard or splint. These appliances can reduce pressure on the jaw joint and help alleviate pain.


We may suggest that you take pain relievers or prescriptions to target the pain and inflammation that you may be experiencing.

Physical Therapy

Some specific exercises and stretches can help improve jaw mobility and strengthen the surrounding muscles to help decrease the presence of unwanted symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes

Depending on your situation, we may suggest that you avoid hard, chewy, or sticky foods. Additionally, we may discuss relaxation techniques that can help alleviate certain symptoms.

Dental Procedures

In some cases, dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, or orthodontic treatment can help improve your bite and reduce the strain on the jaw joint.


For severe cases of TMJ disorder, our dental team may recommend surgery to repair or replace the jaw joint.

Experience Quality TMJ Care Today

If you suffer from TMJ dysfunction, you should come and see our dental experts right away. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, we can help you feel better and more comfortable. Our team of experts can teach you different jaw-specific exercises, prescribe medication, provide oral appliances, and suggest other forms of treatment to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that is associated with TMJ disorder. Our team provides quality treatments for TMJ disorder that help you live symptom-free. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and we will work with you to develop the best treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

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