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Repair Minor Tooth Imperfections & Beautify Your Smile

If you have small gaps between your teeth or teeth that are broken, cracked, or chipped, you may feel self-conscious about your smile. You might even avoid smiling or hide your mouth when laughing to keep others from noticing problems with your teeth. To add insult to injury, damaged teeth are also dangerous to your health. The pits and grooves in your teeth are difficult to clean, making you prone to bacteria buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Damaged teeth won’t heal on their own, but we offer a simple solution to make it seem like they have. This procedure is called dental bonding, and it’s a fast, non-invasive, and affordable treatment.

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What Is Tooth Bonding?

Bonding is a generic term describing the attachment of dental composite resins (white filling material and some cements) to a tooth. Earlier dental filling materials, like silver filling or amalgam, did not adhere to the tooth. They ”fit by closely touching”.

The 1970s saw the introduction of a revolutionary change in dental materials with the addition of the bonding process. The quality of the initial bonded composite materials was quite crude by today’s standards, and they represent a 30-year “work in progress” that is still underway. The bonding process most often involves curing the composite resin with a light that activates a chemical catalyst causing it to harden. Some self-cure without a light. A patient will often note the use of a blue light and hear a beeping sound, which is a timer.

Advantages of Composite Dental Bonds

We’re proud to be a preferred dental bonding dentist in the metropolitan area. Phillips, Cooper & Associates specialize in cosmetic dentistry and has been transforming smiles through precise tooth bonding procedures for over 30 years. At our office, you’ll receive individualized, high-tech, and friendly care. To find out if cosmetic bonding is the right cosmetic solution for you, please schedule a consultation with Phillips, Cooper & Associates. You can reach our dental office by calling 202-463-2090.

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